Yoshikei Visit Kerwee

At the end of May staff from Yoshikei visited Kerwee feedlot for their 14th annual mission to observe the Kerwee lotfeeding processes and Stockyard marketing operations.

The mission has again proved to be a success, with staff from both of our companies happy to have spent time together and further extend their knowledge.

Stockyard’s Long Fed cube roll proved to be popular at Dinner time at the Jondaryan Woolshed; Yoshikei described it as “Oishii” ( Japanese for “tastes very good”). There was certainly none left over by the end of the dinner!

We look forward to welcoming the next Yoshikei mission.

Royal Queensland Food & Wine Show Steak of the Year


Stockyard’s Wagyu was awarded the Grand Champion Branded Beef of show at the prestigious Royal Queensland Food and Wine Show Branded Beef Competition announced in early May. Amongst a record number of 41 entrants, Stockyard Kiwami Wagyu received Gold medals in both the Wagyu and Open Classes and was awarded Grand Champion Branded Beef of show, to take home the John Kilroy Cha Cha Char Trophy.

The judges said Stockyard’s standout steak, produced at Kerwee Feedlot in Jondaryan, displayed exceptional eating and visual qualities.

“It had textbook marbling, luscious juiciness, melt in the mouth tenderness and incredibly well-balanced flavours that were both delicate and robust, from sweet biscuit and pureed blanched almond through to Shitake mushroom – perfect for sashimi to charcoal grilling.” Judge Elaine Miller said.

This follows recent strong performances in the 2017 Australian Wagyu Branded Beef competition and other branded beef competitions in 2016, to truly confirm its place as Australia’s most awarded beef brand.

Stockyard Wagyu and Angus is produced at the Hart Family’s award winning Kerwee Feedlot, located at Jondaryan on the Darling Downs in Queensland. Family farming since 1958, the Kerwee Group is a leading exporter of superior quality grain fed beef to fine dining restaurants, hotels and retailers around the world.

Global demand for premium beef, and in particular Stockyard Wagyu and Angus, has given Stockyard the confidence to expand its Kerwee feedlot capacity to over 20,000 head; due to be completed in July 2017.

Stockyard looks forward to continuing to partner with its exclusive distributors and customers around the world to deliver the finest quality and consistency.



Kanpai visit to Kerwee

The Kerwee group welcomed staff members from Kanpai Co., a Taiwan-based Yakiniku restaurant chain, on their recent visit to Queensland.

Kanpai utilise high-grade Wagyu cuts for BBQ dishes, and if you are in the Da-an district in Taipei, it is a spectacular venue to enjoy the best of Stockyard beef.

The Kanpai team visited our processing facility to observe how our stringent quality controls and product specifications ensure a consistently excellent offering of the best Australian Wagyu beef.

The team were also able to spend time at Kerwee feedlot, meeting Managing Director Lachie Hart, North Asia Sales Manager Nobuyuki Araragi and our feedlot manager Steve Martin.

They were impressed with the world class design of the feedlot, and also the passion shown by our entire Kerwee team towards ensuring that our cattle benefit from our vertically integrated supply chain.

One of the highlights of their visit was a barbecue, where they were able to enjoy Stockyard Black Label Striploin steaks cooked under a beautiful starry sky.

Click on the below link to learn more about Kanpai http://www.kanpai.com.tw/

Double Barrel BBQ

Stockyard is partnering with Double Barrel BBQ, who competes in local and international BBQ events. They specialise in cooking beef briskets and bone in short ribs.
In October 2016, they were invited to compete at the American Royal World Series of BBQ in Kansas City, where they placed 11th in the brisket category out of 600 teams.
Double Barrel BBQ will be competing in the The MooloolaBaBQ Festival in January as well as many other events on the cooking competition calendar this year.
Look out for them on Instagram and Facebook!
Instagram - @double_barrel_bbq
Facebook - Double Barrel BBQ

Kerwee Feedlot Expansion Update

As you may be aware, Stockyard has obtained permission from the local council and governing bodies to expand our Kerwee Feedlot from 11,100 head to 20,200 head. Construction of the expansion at the feedlot has started and Kerwee will have an additional 8000 head built capacity in 2017.
Unfortunately, with feeding programs at over 200 and 400 days it takes time to increase production levels. Our Angus numbers will further increase in 2017, turning off nearly 10000 head. Our Wagyu numbers will stay relatively stable compared to 2016, but we expect to see production increases in 2018.