Thompson Longhorn stock handling facility helps to streamline feedlot operations

The new Thompson Longhorn stock handling facility at Kerwee has vastly reduced the amount of time spent inducting cattle to the feedlot. The new state of the art system was completed in October 2013, and replaces the original yards built in the 1970’s. Utilising automated systems and touch screen technology, the facility can be manually overridden at any time and is designed to allow as much room as possible for both cattle and staff.

Another upgrade was the installation of a high tensile woven wire floor; this floor is designed to reduce slip risk for the cattle as they make their way through the race and crush.


Stockyard Wins Silver Medal in 2014 RQFWS

Stockyard again displayed our trademark of consistency and a superior product developed through strict quality assurance procedures, and has won a silver medal in the 2014 Royal Queensland Food and Wine Show. The prize-winning piece of wagyu striploin came from our Stockyard Black Label.


Masterchef Finalist Audra Morrice shares her recipe for Stockyard Wagyu

During the recent Food and Hotel Asia trade fair held in Singapore, Stockyard staff had the opportunity to meet Audra Morrice, a finalist in Masterchef Australia 2012.

As a child, Audra grew up in multicultural Singapore, and this rich mix of cultures instilled a lifelong love of good food.


Stockyard rolls up its sleeves to help the community

On the 23rd of April, around 100 of Brisbane’s homeless were provided with a hot meal and a week’s worth of groceries in a unique partnership of local organisations helping those in need and at risk of social isolation in Brisbane.



Food and Hotel Asia 2014 Team Challenge – Dedicated to Culinary Excellence

This year’s Food and Hotel Asia (FHA) exhibition has again proved to be the premier event in the Asia Pacific region for the showcasing of both cooking talent and quality food ingredients.