Be the first consumer in Singapore to trace their beef right back to the Australian farm they were reared on.

From today, exclusively at Hubers Butchery, you have unprecedented access to independently verified information on the source of your Stockyard beef products.

Scan the QR code on a Stockyard beef product to get involved

By scanning a QR code on the retail sticker with your phone, you can find out more detailed information about:

  1. where the animals were raised,
  2. their genetics and feeding program
  3. the farmers who fed them,
  4. when the beef was shipped,
  5. how and when it arrived in Singapore, and even,
  6. tips on how to prepare your beef.

 Ask your Huber’s butcher for information on how to get involved.

Fully transparent supply chain

Powered by Mastercard Provenance Solution blockchain technology, we can verify that the Stockyard products you buy are safe and genuine and that the information we’re sharing is authentic.

Behind the scenes, this technology is helping us track various real-time logistics and provenance attributes that allow us to deliver your steaks to you with greater transparency than ever before.