Kerwee is Australia’s premier feedlot specialising in producing high quality Wagyu and Angus beef to meet the demand of the world’s most discerning consumers. Family owned and operated since 1958, Kerwee is highly regarded as a pioneer within the beef industry by having established the chilled grain-fed beef market in Japan. Today, Kerwee’s reputation continues to exceed industry standards in animal health & welfare, feed conversion rates and carcase assessment. Driven by the strong demand from our reliable customer base established more than 44 years ago, Kerwee Lot Feeders is looking for opportunities to partner with progressive Wagyu and Angus producers. We can offer direct purchases and/or custom or share feeding programs; in a first class facility with superior animal nutrition and welfare management, competitive prices and a professional service providing full feeding and grading feedback on individual animals. We also have established markets for finished cattle. For further enquiries and cattle specifications for please contact them directly at or 07 4692 2277.