We are very proud that our Stockyard beef has obtained international recognition for its eating quality, consistency and food safety. We have achieved this through strong vertical integration through the beef supply chain with interests in beef production including cattle breeding and raising, lot feeding, processing and marketing. Our beef production system is undertaken entirely in Australia, which is recognised for its green pastures, clean environment and freedom from the world’s harmful animal diseases. Whilst this is important, it is only one step towards satisfying your requirements for a high-quality beef product. We have a motivated and experienced team that is committed to satisfying your needs. Our marketing philosophy is focussed on developing a close relationship with you and your customers to identify your requirements in specification, brand, quality, scheduling, usage & value. It is only when we have met these requirements to your satisfaction, that we are happy. Please enjoy the “experience” of eating Stockyard Beef. Robin Hart A.M. Chairman
  • "The satisfaction of our customer requirements is the driving force in our operation. We always strive to provide leading customer service through our fresh approach and attitudes."

    Lachie Hart, CEO Stockyard
  • "Stockyard beef is a proven performer. It has been a consistent recipient of numerous awards in beef competitions. Our chefs demand it and customers love it!"

    General Manager, International Distributor
  • "Animal welfare is of the utmost importance to our entire production system as this can greatly impact on the quality of the meat on the plate."  

    Steve Martin, General Manager Kerwee Feedlot
  • Having used Stockyard Angus and Wagyu beef in the Middle East and Asia, the products continue to provide consistency and quality across all levels. Stockyard beef is my first choice in delivering the finest quality to my guests.  

    Executive Chef, International Hotel China
  • I am proud that after 60 years the Kerwee group has survived many changes in the industry and remains wholly family owned and operated.

    Robin Hart A.M., Founder and Chairman Emeritus Stockyard