kiwami by Stockyard is our top-shelf Wagyu brand with a marble score of 9+.

Meaning ‘Outstanding excellence’ in Japanese, this brand includes beef that has been hand-selected to give the most decadent eating experience. The beef in this brand is derived from cattle with Japanese Wagyu genetics and follow our two-step feeding program. First, they’re pasture-raised up until around 15 months of age and then they are finished on grain for a minimum of 400 days.

Independent AUS-MEAT graders individually assess Stockyard Wagyu carcasses for their excellence in fine marbling and those with the highest marble scores are carefully chosen.

Available only through our exclusive distribution partners.


100% Australian grain-fed beef
Marble score 9+
Japanese Wagyu genetics
400+ day feeding programme
100% natural feed
Hormone and GMO free feed
Halal accredited
EU accredited
AQIS approved processing
Individually graded using AUS-meat and MSA science

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