For centuries, the Japanese kept their Wagyu genetics under tight control, not releasing them to the world until the late 20th century. Wagyu beef cattle are now being bred and farmed in Australia to meet the international demand for this wonderfully succulent and tender beef.

Since 1994, Stockyard has been Australia’s leading exporter of Wagyu beef. Stockyard Wagyu beef is derived from animals with genetics from Crossbred Wagyu F1 50% to Wagyu Fullblood 100%.  The cattle are fed in our feedlot on a diet exclusively designed and managed by our nutritionist.

Stockyard Wagyu are independently graded and processed under our strict supervision to ensure production and quality specifications are met.

We offer four grades of Wagyu product to satisfy your requirements:

kiwami – “Outstanding excellence” –  minimum AUSmeat marble score 9 and hand selected by our graders to ensure the highest quality available

Stockyard Black Label – Marble score 8 to 9

Stockyard Silver Label – Marble score 6 to 7

Stockyard Red Label – Marble score 4 to 5